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Say Cheese. Say Local!
Rhody Fresh introduces Butterkase, a German cheese often referred to as "Damen Kase" or "Ladies Cheese" for its mild flavor. It is a semi-soft natural rind cheese that sometimes has small eyes in the curd. Its initial acetic tang is followed by a deep savory buttery flavor exploding at the back of the palate. Butterkase is best enjoyed at room temperature.

This delicious cheese starts out as a blend of milk from Rhody Fresh member farms. This milk is then handcrafted into our Butterkase cheese by Narragansett Creamery.

The versatility of this cheese ranges from a simple table cheese for snacking, sandwich cheese and for cooking. It will melt smoothly and evenly onto a cheeseburger, quesadillas, grilled cheese sandwich or that medley of vegetables and pasta. Kids love it, too!

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Nutrition Facts for Rhody Fresh Butterkase Cheese

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  8 ounces
  16 ounces
  Deli Size (range from 4–8 pounds)
Three Sizes of Rhody Fresh Butterkase Cheese
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