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Local Milk from Local Farms

With Rhody Fresh you’re buying milk from local Rhode Island farms that’s as fresh as can be and free of artificial growth hormones. It’s so good!

Just as refreshing, your purchase supports Rhode Island dairy farmers, the local economy and the preservation of farmland and open space.

Look for Rhody Fresh milk in major supermarkets and community markets throughout Rhode Island. If you don't see it, ask the store manager to carry it!

It’s a greener way to buy— and that’s a refreshing change

Local Milk from Local Farms

This directive is gaining momentum nationwide. In support of local environmental awareness, there is growing concern about product quality and origin, especially in food. Rhody Fresh is Rhode Island’s source for fresh, locally produced milk from eight dairy farms located throughout the state.

People purchase Rhody Fresh because it tastes great and they know they are supporting local dairy farms and a local economy while helping to preserve open space. Rhode Islanders feel strongly about protecting the remaining open space in their small state.

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